The following patterns and websites are recommended by us for you to use as they are the correct size and content for what the bereavement services we provide, require. You are more than welcome to use your own patterns for our micros and preemies but please remember that 90% of the babies that we cater for are pre 34 weeks gestation. We now also donate packs to nationwide hospices, where parents have chosen to delivery their newborn or terminally ill baby at a hospice rather that at the hospital.


Our micro and preemie babies can be born anywhere between 8 to 36 weeks gestation, ranging from 1/2 lb to 5lbs in weight. All donations made for babies pre 20 weeks gestation must be made in neutral colours like white, cream, lilac, pale yellow and greens. While all donations made for babies post 20 weeks to 26 weeks can be made using all colours including blue and pink.
    The items which we require around the clock for our micro and preemies are as follows:
    • Hats - in all colours but mostly white
    • Blankets - tea towel through to newborn sized
    • Booties - micro, preemie and newborn
    • Wraps and Pockets
    • Gowns - unisex pre 24 weeks and gender coloured gowns post 24 weeks
    • Cribs - with blankets and pillows
    • Teddies and animals - 3 inches to 6 inch max in height
    • Butterflies - all colours
    For those who would like to help with our preemie and micro preemie Hospital, Mortuary and Funeral Home Packs, you are welcome to use the patterns shared below (click on the title to follow the link to the pattern) or any of the patterns within our favourite websites listed below.
    Our favourite preemie websites are shared below. (click on the names to follow the link)

    We proudly now donate packs direct to hospices for parents to use on their baby, who have been either stillborn or who have sadly died shortly after birth or during the neonatal period. Every parent will receive items for their baby as well as themselves. The handmade items which we are very grateful to receive are listed below. Please note that all hats, booties, cardigans and wash cloths must be made in either white or cream and all blankets and teddies made in either white, cream or lilac. This allows us to match with a burial gown and babygro and means that every single pack will be suitable for all babies who attend the hospice.
    The items which we require around the clock for our hospice babies are as follows (all must be  in newborn size please)

    • Hats 
    • Blankets 
    • Booties 
    • Burial Gowns - sewn only please
    • Cardigans - knitted or crochet only please
    • Teddies  - 6 - 9 inch max in height
    • 2x Wash Cloths - white only please and in pairs
    For those who would like to help with our Hospice Packs, please use the following patterns only (click on the title to follow the link to the pattern)  You are more than welcome to use your own blanket pattern should you have one but please do use the patterns for the rest of the pack as shared below.

    UBW are unable to accept the following items as we are a bereavement service who cater for babies who have sadly died. We do not donate to neonatal units for babies who are living.
    • Octopuses
    • Neonatal ventilation hats and traffic light hats
    • Bonding Squares
    • Red, dark yellow, black, grey and brown coloured items