Welcome to UBW and thank you for taking the time to view our website.

UBW was founded by Lucy Willis in 2011 in memory of her son Bobby who was born sleeping on Friday the 3rd of July 2009 at Lewisham Hospital, London due to pPROM and a prolapse of his umbilical cord.

When I first founded UBW, the care of these micro preemies was a little hit and miss, depending in which area you lived. Some hospitals already had a small amount of dedicated knitters who would donate blankets and hats as and when they could and although he didn't have a hat, Bobby was dressed in a cotton tabbard, which was made by the mortuary assistants partner and he was wrapped in a green fleece blanket. I didn't know at the time of viewing him but that blanket was removed from him and reused on another baby, due to the stock levels at that hospital. Its a small thing but it was upsetting at the time, as to me, he was no longer wrapped and I had images of him being cold.

Roll on nearly a decade later and thankfully the change to the care of the baby and the mother is vast and the variety of groups like ourselves who donate has grown, but it is still not perfect. There are still many hospitals and mortuaries around the UK who do not have the stock levels sufficient to cater for amount of the families who sadly visit their hospital. Especially for those pre 24 weeks.

  • Via our 'Knitted Wings Project' UBWdonate knitted, crocheted and sewn items to hospitals, mortuaries and funeral homes around the UK. We specialise in early miscarriages from 8 weeks all the way through to the preemies at pre 36 weeks. And as well as the old faithful blanket and hat, we are also able to donate to you, pockets, cribs and wraps for pre 16 week babies and gowns, all in ones, cocoons and booties for post 18 week babies.
  • Alongside the clothing, we also provide keepsake bags which measure 17x23" and so are perfect for small storage spaces, as well as parents who may be do not receive a memory box - as I didn't - via their hospital. In May alone we donated 150 bags and the feedback has always been positive. 
  • If you are a charity which works within the hospital or alongside it or a baby hospice, we are here to help you too. We currently work with First Touch who provide memory boxes to the babies of St Georges Neonatal unit; providing them with blankets and matching teddies to help fill their boxes. If you ask us to do it, we will make it our mission to try.
  • Alongside the micro preemies, we also received in large amounts of cardigans, hats and blankets which we donate to neonatal units.
If you would like to discuss us donating either clothing, blankets, teddies or memory bags to your service, please email Lucy direct on enquiries@uponbutterflywings.org.uk 

To view the work which we can provide via photos, please have a good look through this website or if you have access, take a look at our Facebook and Instagram accounts.