Operation News

Good morning all!

It’s day four post knee op and I’m just checking in to say hello!

The pain is something else and even though I have quite a high pain threshold, I’m having to take codeine every night to sleep, along with regular paracetamol and ibuprofen throughout the day.

My husband is also having to inject me every night with blood thinners to keep things flowing. It’s a small thing but I can not wait to be able to lay on my side at night once more.

The operation itself went well. They managed to stitch the cartilage together again and I was in and out the same day. I have to wear this brace for a full six weeks and it’s set between 0-90 degrees so getting around and sitting is slow and painful but hopefully this will improve as the weeks go on with Physio etc.

Typically I have my wound check and stitches out on my birthday in two weeks. Not that I’m going out partying anyway lol My husband has taken this week off and has been looking after me while my lovely Mum is staying next week to play nurse and take our daughter to and from the childminder.

The way the pain is at the moment, I am in no way ready to collect, photograph and upload anything but I have been able to send some emails and I’m waiting on a call from SANDS today to discuss some work with them.

Anyway, I’m signing back out for a couple of days to continue the recovery by laying on the sofa and watching rubbish tv #perks

Don’t forget about our closed FB should you need any help until things are back to normal again.

Speak soon x