June Challenge

Every two months, I will set a ‘challenge’. There are no prices and you don’t have to participate but if you fancy working towards a goal, you are on the right website.

As June is well known for being the month to celebrate Fathers Day (it is also my husband, brother and father in laws birthday month) AND because July is Bobbys 9th angelversary, this is the perfect challenge to set over the coming months. 

And that topic is 'ALL ABOUT THE BOYS!'. 

Your challenge should you accept it, is to make and donate an item/s suitable for the baby boys. 

Your items could be as simple as a pair of teddies, a cardigan, an all in one suit, a larger pocket or gown; blankets, hats, booties etc etc etc The choice is yours.

The only must is that these items should be suitable for baby boys, ages 18 weeks gestation to full term. 

If you are over on Instagram, please # us using #ubwboychallenge18

I can’t wait to see what you've decided to make. Lucy x