Volunteer Page

Welcome to UBW and thank you for taking the time to support our small organisation. It really is appreciated.

UBW is primarily run by me Lucy in my little house in West Sussex. I founded UBW IN 2011, because I was once one of the parents who you are considering donating your time and love to.

My son Bobby was born prematurely at 22 weeks back in 2009 when the level of care was very different. My hospital; Lewisham in South East London did not at that time have any garments to dress or wrap their babies and so it was left to the mortuary to do so. Thankfully for me, the very kind partner of the then mortuary assistant Lee, took it upon herself to sew little tabards and blankets for babies like Bobby. Bobby’s tabard was a simple white cotton tabard with little yellow ducks upon it. He was also wrapped in a pale green fleece with a teddy bear motif and the viewing room had been dressed to look like a nursery. There was a bookcase with teddies on the top of it to the right and my son was wrapped in a white crib to the left. I do not remember much from that period in time but I do remember clear as day that room, what he was wrapped in and how it made me feel as his mother.

UBW receive in beautiful handmade donations from caring volunteers across the UK; of burial clothing, blankets, cribs, teddies, angels, butterflies and hats and deliver them directly to hospitals, funeral directors and mortuary departments who have agreed to accept our donations.

These items are specially designed for all babies who have sadly died before, during or shortly after birth (8 weeks gestation through to the neonatal period). We also donate keepsake bags to parents and their families; whether they are new to this life or whether they, like myself have been here a while. These are donated in bulk to our bereavement services and directly to families in home.

Volunteering is open to everyone who is interested; you do not have to apply or ask permission to do so.

• Firstly click HERE as this will take you to our How to Donate Guide. This guide provides every single answer to every single question I am asked, as well as suitable colours, size charts, items needed, why we do this and how.

• Next click HERE which will take you to the recommended Patterns. Please note that you need to click on to the highlighted Purple links in order to see the patterns as they are patterns from other sites/companies/individuals who have kindly donated their pattern for charity use.

• Once you are ready to send your donations, please post them to: PO Box 1302, Crawley RH10 0NU Please note that the PO Box address is checked twice a week. All donations received are photographed and uploaded to the UBW Facebook page, Instagram and this website before being sorted and packed.



You can still volunteer even if you cannot knit, crochet or sew.

• You can donate any item listed on the Amazon Wish List by clicking HERE. I am always in need of donations of Tea Lights in any colour and Organza Bags in white, purple or rainbow measuring 17x23 ONLY.

• You can sponsor a keepsake a bag for £2 or a donation box for £6. Both costs pay for the postage of these items.

• You can make a small donation via PayPal.Me/uponbutterflywings

• You can even shop at Easy Fundraising. Simply log on, do your online shopping and nominate UBW to receive cash back. This costs you nothing to participate.
CLOTHING ANGELS - via the ‘Knitted Wings’ Project

Via our 'Knitted Wings Project' UBW donate knitted, crocheted and sewn items to hospitals and bereavement services around the UK for babies born too soon between the ages of 8 to 34 weeks and specialising in the micro babies (pre 24 weeks gestation)

If you are able to knit, crochet or sew, we are in continuous need of the following donations:

Hats – micro to preemie sized
• Blankets – A4 paper to A3 paper sized
 Handmade Cribs – whites and all pastels pre 16 weeks
Angel Pockets and Wraps – used for pre 24 week babies
Burial Gowns and All in Ones – unisex, boy and girl post 18 weeks
Teddies – in pairs only for memory box use
Angels – in pairs only for memory box use
Butterflies – for use in our keepsake bags

By clicking HERE you will be taken to the recommended Patterns for all of the above items. Please note that you need to click on to the highlighted Purple links in order to see the patterns as they are patterns from other sites/companies/individuals who have kindly donated their pattern for charity use.

Please note that we can only accept items from smoke free homes as it is very hard to get rid of the smell of smoke from the wool. Thank you.

PRESERVING MEMORIES - via the ‘Bobbys Beanies’ Project

Our keepsake bags are extremely popular across the hospitals, mortuaries and funeral directors and in May alone we sent out over 150 bags.

Our bags consist of the following:

‘In Memory Of’ card 
‘Upon Butterfly Wings’ Poem 
A Keepsake Beanie Hat 
A Handmade Butterfly 
A Tea Light 

If you would like to help fill these bags, we are in need of the following:

Hats: These beanies are intended as a keepsake for the parents to take home with them, rather than for the baby to wear so they can be in any colour, pattern or plain. We will embellish all plain beanies.

Butterflies: Our butterflies are extremely popular and also very quick to make. The butterflies are the most popular requested keepsake ‘comfort’ item within the bags from all three bereavement services.

HELPING TO FILL MEMORY BOXES - Working alongside other charities 

Upon Butterfly Wings are delighted to work with First Touch; the charity dedicated to helping parents in their time in need at St Georges Hospital, Tooting in London.

We donate large white blankets and pairs of matching teddies; all which are used to help fill their memory boxes which are given to the parents of babies who have sadly died at St Georges Neonatal Unit. First Touch have requested that all blankets are white only and that all teddies are of a matching pair.

The idea of a matching pair is that the parents can keep one with them and one with the baby. Or they can swap them over just before the coffin is sealed so that their babies smell is always upon that teddy. Teddies can be in any colour but must be no larger than 6 inches in height to be able to fit within the box.

Blankets: These special blankets must be made in white only in the following sizes: 18 x 21” / 20 x 28” and 28 x 36” Blankets can be knitted, crochet or sewn. Crocheted blankets should have no or very small holes to stop any tiny fingers and toes poking through and being damaged.

Teddies: Teddies must be in matching pairs but can be any colour of choice. As well as being a matching pair, they must also be no bigger than 6 inches in height for the size of the box.